Water intake systems – Trash rakes


Fixed or traversing trash rakes (grab type), to raise and evacuate the residues adhered to the screens. According to the quantity of screens on the plant, one trash for each rake might be installed, or a transportable trash rake might do for the cleaning of all the rakes.

Individual trash rake for each screen

  • Width up to 6.000 mm.
  • 2 or 4 rope heavy duty rake design.
  • Requires embedded wall guide ways for screen width up to 2500mm.
  • Vertical or inclined until 15 deg bar screens.

Traversing Trash Rake

  • Traversing machine cleans multiple bar screens.
  • 2 rope standard duty rake 1.8 meters wide.
  • Requires an inclined bar screen (10 deg min, 15 deg std, 20 deg max).
  • Debris collected in an integral hopper or separate cart.

Compact and flexible equipment suspended from a monorail

  • Cleans several rakes on sequence.
  • Allows loading containers up to 2000mm height.