Electromagnetic vibrator

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder

Electromagnetic – linear drive

Electromagnetic actuator with stainless steel channel

TARNOS electromagnetic linear vibrators  for light capacity can activate sieves, trays (open, covered, bevelled, V shape, etc) for dosing processes, transport, sieving, feeding…, and can be included in beyond design equipment, such us linear weighers and packing machines, multi head weighers, dosers, dosing groups, optical selectors, vertical packaging machines, feeders, live plates, etc.

Features and advantages of our electromagnetic linear vibrators:

  • Stable and smooth operation.
  • Water and dust protection.
  • Easy and instant regulation through a potentiometer.
  • Instant start and stopping.
  • Minimal maintenance, no lubrication.
  • Smooth product handling.
  • Wide range.
  • ATEX execution if needed.
  • New model designed for adherent product, double flow.
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Applications for TARNOS electromagnetic linear vibrators

TARNOS electromagnetic linear vibrators have multiple applications on different industries, such us Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Glass, Arid, etc.

Very specially used for the packing industry and food industry.

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