Vibrating conveyor – sieve

Vibrating conveyor

Dealer vibrating conveyor

Vibrating conveyors can handle product between long distances for different kind of products.

In among the different conveying systems, there are two main types of vibrating conveyors depending if the base system is counterweighted or not.

Counterweighted Base; LBL, BL, and BC vibrating conveyors

Systems with counterweighted bases reduce the loads produced by vibration, so that the structures that support the equipment were minimum.
Even suspended installations can be designed. This way there are some savings on the installations in benefit of customers.

Non Counterweighted Base; FL and FC vibrating conveyors

Systems with no counterweighted systems are indicated for more heavy jobs. There are systems supported by structures prepared to receive the loads produced by the vibration.

As every Tarnos equipment, our vibrating conveyors can be customized for what we can adjust our specifications to your needs.

Among the main advantages of our vibrating conveyors:

  • Possibility of conveying material with one only equipment up to 45 mts.
  • Capacity of conveying different kind of materials without having them mixed.
  • Possibility of performing different processes besides conveying: classification, heating, cooling, dewatering, etc.
  • Possibility of automating processes to extract the product previously conveyed in different points of the equipment.

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