Electromechanical vibrating feeder with electric vibrators

Vibrating feeder with rotary vibrators

Inverted vibrating feeder with electric vibrators

Vibrating feeders run by unbalanced motors, also called “Brute Force Systems” are counterweight vibrating systems.

Tarnos is the only manufacturer that has possibility a 2 mass system run by an only unbalanced motor. Of course Tarnos also designs and manufactures equipment with the traditional system of two unbalanced motors that transmits direct vibration to the equipment.

The 2 mass systems with an only unbalanced motor transmit vibration to the tray through a rubber drive spring. This way cracks by drive failure are avoided in the tray. Instead, the traditional system consists on placing 2 unbalanced motors to the tray rotating in opposite ways.

The advantages of these vibrating feeders are:

  • Better knowledge by the end user as the use of these systems is more extended.
  • Possibility of higher ATEX ratings.
  • Relative simplicity of maintenance as it has less elements on the drives.

As every Tarnos equipment, they are customized for what we can adjust our specifications to your needs.

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