Electromechanical vibrating feeder-sieve

Electromechanical vibrating feeder with chute

Electromechanical vibrating feeder with tubular channel

TARNOS electromechanical vibrating feeders are designed for a very high flow capacity, and sometimes moist, adherent or sticky, due to its unique exciter that achieves high amplitude.

This kind of vibrator can be divided in two types, RF for medium-duty work, and the MF for heavy-duty.

Features and advantages of Tarnos electromechanical vibrating feeders:

  • Flow capacity up to 6.000 tn/tour.
  • Steady operation.
  • Low power electric motor.
  • High vibration stroke for difficult product.
  • One only motor-exciter.
  • Rapid and smooth starting and stopping.
  • Regulation.
  • Minimum maintenance.

Applications for TARNOS electromechanical vibrating feeders

Many years of experience in this kind feeder in many different industries, Mining, Iron and Steel, Chemical, Gravel, Foods, Quarries, Aggregates, Glass, etc.

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