Electromagnetic vibrating feeder-sieve

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder with chute

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder with stainless steel channel

TARNOS electromagnetic vibrating feeders, are capable of feeding a wide variety of bulk material or parts, from storage hoppers or silos to belt conveyors, mills, dryers, mixers, crushers, weighing hoppers or screens, etc.

The wide range of electromagnetic vibrating feeders can reach a flow up to 1.600 tns/hour, and its tray can be supplied in many different kind of executions, according to customers needs, and also different executions for its controllers.

Features and advantages of Tarnos electromagnetic vibrating feeders:

  • Stable and smooth operation.
  • Water and dust protection.
  • Easy and instant regulation through a potentiometer.
  • Instant start and stopping.
  • Minimal maintenance, no lubrication.
  • Smooth product handling.
  • Wide range.
  • Special ATEX execution.
  • New model designed for adherent product, double flow.

Applications for TARNOS electromagnetic vibrating feeders

This electromagnetic vibrator has multiple applications on different industries, such us Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Glass, Arid, Ceramic, Iron and Steel, Recycling, Mining, Sands, Aggregates, etc.