Electromagnetic linear vibrator

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder

Vibrating dosser with rigidized corrugated steel tray

We cooperate with Original Equipment Manufacturers, and Wholesalers

Many manufacturers of machinery and engineering companies, especially in the Food Tech and Packaging Industries, also Chemicals, include our vibrators, feeders, elevators and sieves in the supplies of the Production Plants.

Tarnos also manufactures standard or customized vibrators that OEMs include in the design of their own equipment, from weighers to optical selectors, or any other.

Tarnos also supplies vibrators and electromagnetic drives to many workshops and industrial wholesalers specialized in these industries.

TARNOS equipment for OEMs and specialized wholesalers

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TARNOS equipment for OEMs and specialized wholesalers

FT-0 Electromagnetic Vibrator

FT-01 and FT-02 Linear Vibrators

BF-01 and BF-2


RS vibrator for weighers

Vibrating Feeder with open tray

Control Regulator

Spare parts

Electromagnetic Hopper Vibrators