Packaging vibrating line for biscuits

Vibrating feeder to multihead weigher

Vibrating conveyor – distributor with sieving possibilities

For processes and specific needs of feeding, conveying, sorting, screening, extracting, mixing, dosing, alignment, packaging, cooling, cleaning, dusting of snacks, sugar, nuts, rice, frozen, chemicals, and any granulated solids or bulk product.

According to the safety requirements in the handling of products within these industries, the equipment is designed with protections and finishes that meet the strict specifications considered by its regulations.

Specialized engineering and workshops and OEM include our standard or customized vibrators in their own designs; optical selectors, linear and multi-weighers, bucket elevator feeding, feeding and sieving to weighers, positioning feeders, lines of biscuits, frozen hamburgers, nut processing facilities …

Tarnos also supplies end users with vibrating application solutions for specific needs: conveyors, feeders, screens, sieves, crossfeeders, vibrating tables, dosing units, volumetric dosing units …

TARNOS products for the food, pharma and packaging industry

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TARNOS vibrating equipment for the food, pharma and packaging industry

Pills vibrating Sieve

Automized Installation for corn Handling and Packaging

Electromagnetic linear vibrator

Feeding vibrating channel instantly regulated

Electromechanical vibrating Sieve for cheese and meat

Dedusting of Pet food

Bucket elevator feeding

Dry fruit selector with electromagnetic vibrating system. Product care.

Powdering System for Confectionery

Optical Sorting Machine for rice and legumes

Bissell cut cannel for chips additives

Isolated vibrating feeder for powder bulk product

Screening Vibrating Machine for high capacity

Packaging line Pet food

Green Beans conveyor

Transport and feeding for chemicals, ATEX norms

Security Vibrating Sieve for dry fruit and snacks

Spiral Vibrating Elevator for Food care

Feeding and Packaging of Candy