The technology of FMC Food Technologies, our American licence, achieves the solution for the problem of adherence in the transport of certain products, with the design of the new feeders and drives with increased amplitudes.
Tarnos, S.A, has manufactured its first serial of the new vibrator that will be specially destined for the transport, dosing and packing of lettuce and other vegetables, conserves, and other products that adhere and are hard to transport with vibration.
The key of this process is due to the maximum recommended amplitude for the new vibrator that reaches 2,3 mm. versus the usual 1,5 mm. typical for these kind of equipment. This higher vibrating stroke, in combination with the use of certain material on the design of the tray, such us corrugated steel, or steel polishing, provides the tray of enough power to transport these adherent products.
Besides reaching more power, this new technology applied to the electromagnetic vibrators, achieves doubling speed and flow.