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Manufacturers vibrating equipment


Tarnos S.A. is a company that has specialised in the design, manufacture, and sale of vibrating equipment for the dosing, transport, and classification of all types of bulk material since it opened its facilities in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) in 1955.

In 1976, it expanded its product range by incorporating high-capacity filtration equipment for water intake systems.

During its 65-year history, Tarnos S.A. has used its vibrating equipment for numerous applications in a diverse range of industries, from lightweight equipment for the food industry to heavy tonnage equipment for the heavy industry, such as steel and mining.

The experience we’ve gained over the years, and the direct contact with different clients, has allowed our teams of professionals to get to know and understand our clients’ needs and design, manufacture, and supply vibrating equipment for the dosing, transport, elevating and classification of all types of material in the food, mining, chemical, quarrying, ceramic, iron and steel industry, recycling, wood, glass, fertiliser, and biomass industries, among others.

In addition to the supply of standard manufacturing equipment, Tarnos S.A. designs specific equipment to meet the needs of each of our clients, often within a limited space as they need to replace existing obsolete equipment and incorporate the right quality materials for the correct and efficient handling of the product (abrasive, wet, different particle sizes, delicate, volatile, etc.).

In its factory in Madrid, Tarnos S.A. has a human team with experience in different areas, such as commercial, technical office, purchasing, manufacturing, test benching, and assembly and after sale support.

Tarnos S.A. adapts to the needs and demands of its clients thanks to its wide and versatile range of products that have been incorporated over the last 60 years of experience. Tarnos S.A. is technically supported by SYNTRON MATERIAL HANDLING, formerly FMC Technologies, (the Syntron® and Link-Belt® brands), a pioneer in the world of industrial vibration, for whom we have been a Licensee in Europe and have collaborated with for more than 50 years.

In addition to this, workshops and machinery manufacturers incorporate our standard vibrators into their own designs and equipment, and end users, producers in different sectors rely on our experience for solutions tailored to their particular needs.

Concerning the filtration equipment, Tarnos has collaborated with EVOQUA WATER TECHNOLOGIES, formerly FMC, LINK-BELT and US-FILTER since 1976 to provide filtration equipment and plants for the intake water systems from rivers and seas in hydroelectric, thermal or nuclear power plants, irrigation facilities, water purification, desalination plants, etc., with the main equipment being travelling water screen or continuous band filters, band screens and trash rakes, stop logs and stop gates.

We collaborate with engineers and technicians in turnkey plants on every continent.  Tarnos S.A. equipment, manufactured using Link-Belt and FMC technology, filters water from rivers and seas into water intakes in most countries around the world, specifically in Europe (from Spain to Russia), Egypt (thermal power stations on the Nile, in the Mediterranean and Red Sea), Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Southeast Asia (China, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines), South America (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela), North America (Mexico, the United States).

Our technical agreements with Syntron and Evoqua, the quality of our equipment, our post sale service and, specifically, the direct contact with our clients over the years have allowed us to offer a wide range of high-quality equipment, and gain our clients’ loyalty, some of whom placed their first order in 1955 and continue to rely on Tarnos S.A.’s vibrating equipment 65 years later.

Why Tarnos?

  • OUR EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE. We have more than 65 years’ experience in developing equipment as a solution for solid handling at different points in the production process in all types of industry.

  • OUR INNOVATION AND CONSTANT ADAPTATION. In addition to Tarnos’ qualified team of professionals, we have the added support of Syntron, for whom we are a Licensee, a pioneer in the manufacture of vibrating equipment, and Evoqua for filtration equipment, whose engineering departments continuously work to improve the design and execution of the equipment in accordance with the demands of the industries in which they are used.

  • OUR UNDERSTANDING OF OUR CLIENTS’ NEEDS: We do not sell using a catalogue, but through direct contact with our clients, we get involved in knowing and understanding their specific needs and available budget and we propose equipment that adapts to their existing facilities.

  • OUR EQUIPMENT’S VERSATILITY: Our wide range of products allows our technical office to design specific equipment that meets each clients’ needs.

  • OUR ABILITY TO GAIN CUSTOMER LOYALTY: We have customers who have been buying equipment from us since 1955, they have trusted Tarnos’ equipment for more than 65 years.

  • OUR EXCELLENT QUALITY-SERVICE-PRICE RATIO. Having our own technical office, manufacturing our own equipment, and providing our own post sale service allows us to offer a competitive product at both a national and international level.

  • OUR SPARE PARTS AND DELIVERY TIMES. Manufacturing our own drives also gives us flexibility with delivery times and gives us the ability to store standard equipment and spare parts for our machines.


Email: tarnos@tarnos.com

Telephone no.:  +34 91 656 41 12